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Reported on Jan 29, 2016
calls every other day, never leaves a message
Reported on Nov 24, 2015
a scam to get money for winnings from uk.
Reported on Oct 27, 2015
True Green lawn care, they call me at this number to let me know a tech is scheduled to come by the next day.
Reported on Oct 22, 2015
Credit union west
Reported on Oct 12, 2015
Banfield marketing
Reported on Oct 5, 2015
no message but usually the "toll free caller" id is a telemarketer. When will this harassment be considered illegal? I have rights too.
Reported on Sep 28, 2015
Reported on Sep 2, 2015
True Green. They call wayyy too much
Reported on Sep 1, 2015
Banfield pet hospital insurance. Calling to remind you that the wellness plan is about to auto renew and that it should be reviewed before hand.
Reported on Aug 30, 2015
Starts by locking your computer with a call this number bubble. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER. Wants to scan your computer for "errors". Foreign accent glosses over his name and company if you ask for the information. Just wants access to your computer. Very suspicious in my opinion.
Reported on Aug 9, 2015
Tru Green - it starts off as a telemarketer and they are legitimate business. It's just that they disregard the do not call list. I ended up using them there OK.
Reported on Jun 1, 2015
Tru Green letting customer service will happen the next day!
Reported on May 11, 2015
True Green
Reported on Mar 25, 2015
Legit business that I had a relationship with in the past. Having trouble canceling the service but that's another matter entirely. Not a spammy marketing call.
Reported on Mar 19, 2015
Trugreen lawncare call-ahead service. You get these as a reminder letting you know we'll be out the next day to complete a scheduled service.
Reported on Feb 24, 2015
Credit offers
Reported on Oct 15, 2014
Tru-Green called to schedule lawn care. Told them they shouldn't use 800 service for there phones.
Reported on Aug 20, 2014
Trugreen Lawn care.
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
The call ID said "800 service" so I didn't answer it. Our friends below say it's tru-green. I use the service but the ID better say Tru-green if they want me to answer. They didn't leave any message. I'll have a talk with them.
Reported on Aug 13, 2014
Getting calls everyday and I do NOTanswer phone and no messages are left
Reported on Jul 28, 2014
On a do not call registry.
Reported on Jun 4, 2014
This is the automated call ahead service for TruGreen to inform customers of their upcoming visit. If you do not have TruGreen call them and inform them they have the wrong number.
Reported on May 15, 2014
Stop calling me
Reported on May 2, 2014
Reported on Apr 16, 2014
apparently it's Comcast, I'll believe it. why pay a month ahead of internet if you may not end up using it. stupid
Reported on Mar 13, 2014
Caller keeps calling ever other week or so and doesn't leave a message, and the one time there was a message it was just static.
Reported on Feb 24, 2014
Reported on Feb 8, 2014
Annoying as hell. It calls me at least 3 times a day.
Reported on Feb 7, 2014
Clearly a scam call, wish I could reach through the phone and rip out their throats. Any information about the individuals behind this scam or their location may lead to an award.
Reported on Feb 4, 2014