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Reported on May 19, 2015
Constant calls. I'm on a Do Not Call list. A nuisance !
Reported on May 17, 2015
Someone from this number calls incessantly, every day, at all hours. I do not answer, but am annoyed at the calls. They never leave a message. This needs to be reported and the caller prosecuted. I am on the "Do Not Call" list.
Reported on May 16, 2015
Keeps calling , no message! 5/13, 5/15, and today at 4:25pm.
Reported on May 12, 2015
Called and I did not answer. Keeps calling.
Reported on May 12, 2015
They say they are Publishers Clearing House. I haven't participated in that in years. so how could I have won a prize if I haven't played its fraud
Reported on May 9, 2015
Call came from 866-631-9885. Did not answer nor was a msg left. Another unknown caller who has violated the Do Not Call rules governing identification.
Reported on May 8, 2015
Private caller is persistent and relentless but hangs up.
Reported on May 6, 2015
won't stop calling
Reported on Mar 31, 2015
Yes calls off and on . No message. I don't answer unknown calls or suspicious
Reported on Mar 20, 2015
Calls all the time.
Reported on Mar 1, 2015
medical revenue kennestone hospital
Reported on Jan 13, 2015
they buy old debts (very old) and try to collect on them
Reported on Dec 24, 2014
medical revenue service.
Reported on Nov 18, 2014
They call ever day at least twice a day
Reported on Nov 14, 2014
I don't have any money quit bothering me. call Obama & cry to him
Reported on Aug 12, 2014
Reported on Jul 30, 2014
Reported on Jul 11, 2014
Hospital collections
Reported on Jun 18, 2014
bill collector
Reported on Jun 18, 2014
I let my answering machine pick up. A female voice - so low it was barely audible - stated she had an important message for "My Name" (was definitely a computer because when she said my name, it was louder, having been inserted). Was your basic standardized computer recording, inserting my name several times, etc. The message was cut off before it finished, I assume because the recording was so soft my machine could not detect it.
Reported on Jun 10, 2014
Collection agency
Reported on May 29, 2014
Keeps calling every two hours. I don't answer it.
Reported on May 5, 2014
machine calls our office number at least once a week and leaves a message for a person that has NEVER worked here ..yet when you try to call back no one will take your call in order to stop the incoming calls
Reported on May 1, 2014
Reported on Apr 17, 2014
wadley regional collections
Reported on Apr 4, 2014
medical billing collection
Reported on Mar 28, 2014
Called me and hung up without saying anything
Reported on Mar 14, 2014
medical revenue
Reported on Mar 10, 2014
they are a scam!!! stole our passwords and email address and my upgrade on my cell phone!!! they are reported to the fraud department at Verizon wireless!!!!!!
Reported on Mar 3, 2014
leave messages, didn't say whoever.some debt never heard of