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Reported on Nov 21, 2014
Please cancel
Reported on Nov 19, 2014
Stop call!!!!!!!!!!
Reported on Nov 7, 2014
Don't call my phone, didn't want ur high quote.
Reported on Nov 5, 2014
Will not stop calling my phone I got this call so many times I just answer the phone now, and told them i will be calling the cops on them hopefully it will stop if not I will cuss them out so bad
Reported on Nov 2, 2014
Allstate Insurance. Repeated calls after online quote.
Reported on Oct 30, 2014
allstate rep salesman
Reported on Oct 16, 2014
Has called my cell phone at least once a day over the past two months for a guy who doesn't even own this number and I have no clue who he is. My number is also on the do not call list.
Reported on Oct 16, 2014
Another 800 number calling
Reported on Oct 11, 2014
We had to literately cuss Allstate out to stop calling. Never called again though.
Reported on Oct 10, 2014
Clearly these people have NO REGARD for the rules and regulations of the feds; USA government "No Call" list.
Reported on Sep 29, 2014
I started receiving the calls after seeking car insurance quotes. I think its from Allstate.
Reported on Sep 25, 2014
This number keeps calling, I don't answer because I don't recognize the number. They leave no voicemail, or when they do it is silent.
Reported on Sep 19, 2014
Has called me every day for the past three days. I haven't answered and they never leave a voicemail. As others have noted, I started getting this call a day after getting online quotes for insurance.
Reported on Sep 12, 2014
I answered the phone & said hello multiple times than it hung up. No answer or anything.
Reported on Sep 9, 2014
Reported on Sep 9, 2014
wells fargo debt collections
Reported on Sep 6, 2014
Called several me times, unsure who it is, no voice mail left when I missed the call, no one on the line when I answer. Attempted to callback expecting to reach one of those automated business lines so I could tell which company it answer and after 4 rings it disconnects.
Reported on Sep 3, 2014
first i was getting calls from a michigan number. somebody with a nigerian accent pretending to be from an insurance company and trying to get my personal info. so i blocked that number then a girl with an american accent called back on this number and said she was from allstate
Reported on Sep 3, 2014
They won't stop calling! I'm getting between 3&5 calls every night!
Reported on Sep 2, 2014
Stop calling me!!!!
Reported on Aug 30, 2014
All state online sales person
Reported on Aug 29, 2014
stop calling my phone .
Reported on Aug 28, 2014
Says is a debit collector. Doesn't say for whom or what. I blocked because I pay all my bills
Reported on Aug 27, 2014
hang up
Reported on Aug 27, 2014
hang up
Reported on Aug 27, 2014
hang up
Reported on Aug 23, 2014
Calls but says nothing after I've answered. 5 occurrences in the last few days. Weird.
Reported on Aug 15, 2014
no calls excepted
Reported on Aug 15, 2014
pretending to be allstate
Reported on Aug 14, 2014
hang up