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Reported on Sep 15, 2014
Leaves a recorded message which contains its phone number to call back. Suspect it's NCO Collection Agency.
Reported on Sep 4, 2014
collection agency
Reported on Aug 26, 2014
I got several calls but this number was the one left on my voicemail stating theat they were argon collection agency trying to contact someeone with my last name. I've tried calling back but all I get is music for over a minute so I hang up. I don't owe anyone since I filed bankruptcy last year and have opened no new accounts since. I've kept my credit straight and paid all accounts early or on time since the bankruptcy.
Reported on Aug 11, 2014
Reported on Aug 10, 2014
That's what the "caller" stated, but I NEVER RESPOND to these calls, because I know it's precisely what the source wants you to do. This is the first time I'd received a recorded message from supposedly from 866-999-6445.
Reported on Jul 7, 2014
Argon collection agency
Reported on Jun 28, 2014
some joker plays music and hangs up everytime
Reported on Jun 27, 2014
Reported on Jun 20, 2014
Keep calling my cell. Asks for a different woman name every time. They always have hung up on me during the middle of my question about who are you. And it's always a man calling. When you return the call, music plays as on hold will do, then he answers "Hello Ashley? ?" NO! You just called MY cell. Who is this? He hangs up.
Reported on Jun 19, 2014
sales men
Reported on Jun 13, 2014
tell me that, i have won 1.000
Reported on May 28, 2014
Reported on May 15, 2014
don't no who it is
Reported on May 9, 2014
Argon Debt
Reported on May 9, 2014
spam debt collection
Reported on Mar 31, 2014
Collection agency
Reported on Mar 31, 2014
Reported on Mar 26, 2014
I missed a call from this number & have learned to look it up on line before I return the call. They did not leave a message.
Reported on Feb 27, 2014
Reported on Feb 14, 2014
collection call but wrong phone.
Reported on Jan 24, 2014
Reported on Dec 30, 2013
Harassing call
Reported on Dec 15, 2013
Debt collector (recording had a British accent). Calling for someone that we've never heard of... How do you make it stop!
Reported on Dec 10, 2013
for judy kimball
Reported on Nov 25, 2013
Collection agency.
Reported on Sep 6, 2013
debt collector
Reported on Aug 30, 2013
school blah
Reported on Aug 10, 2013
Reported on Aug 8, 2013
keeps calling from department of loan services. my name is NOT Ebony!
Reported on Aug 5, 2013
Alex bill collector