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Reported on Oct 1, 2015
Reported on Aug 5, 2015
Did not answer
Reported on Jul 13, 2015
sem interesse
Reported on Jun 26, 2015
These people from India need to be rounded up, placed into a confined area, sprayed lightly with an acidic formula that will eat through the first several layers of their skin, then sprayed with salt water. Let them dry, and expose them to high temperatures to cause the skin to slightly burn, then hose them down with salt water again. Leave them alone until the insanity of unquencehed thirst gets in their minds, and watch them rip each other apart to drink one another's blood. When the weak are drained of blood and the flesh from their bones due to hunger, introduce hundreds of rats into the survivors' area. Let the rats feast on man, and man try to feast on rat. Once the rats are all consumed, reintroduce the acid to once again bare the nerve endings beneath the flesh, and repeat the spraying of salt water. Do this until they are dead.
Reported on Jun 25, 2015
pharmacy spam
Reported on Jun 25, 2015
Pharmacy call...same dude new # and I have officially reported them but the government did nothing either....
Reported on Jun 25, 2015
It's a pharmacy scam
Reported on Jun 24, 2015
Dumbasses at US PHARMACY
Reported on Jun 23, 2015
I hate these bastards from India and their pharmacy scam/spam
Reported on Jun 22, 2015
Keep calling and it's not for me ask them plenty of time to stop but won't the keep changing the number too.
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Exchanges in area 1-869

Exchange Subscribers Type Carrier
1-869-229-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-236-XXXX 1 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-465-XXXX 67 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-466-XXXX 48 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-467-XXXX 3 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-468-XXXX 2 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-469-XXXX 48 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-470-XXXX 2 Landline Cable & Wireless
1-869-556-XXXX 23 Mobile UTS CariGlobe
1-869-557-XXXX 16 Mobile UTS CariGlobe
1-869-558-XXXX 11 Mobile UTS CariGlobe
1-869-565-XXXX 6 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-566-XXXX 9 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-567-XXXX 13 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-662-XXXX 144 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-663-XXXX 97 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-664-XXXX 86 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-665-XXXX 66 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-667-XXXX 60 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-668-XXXX 65 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-669-XXXX 52 Mobile Cable & Wireless
1-869-762-XXXX 132 Mobile Digicel
1-869-763-XXXX 118 Mobile Digicel
1-869-764-XXXX 79 Mobile Digicel
1-869-765-XXXX 88 Mobile Digicel