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Exchange 1-876-433-XXXX


Location: Unknown
Approximate number of phones: 160
Carrier: Digicel (Jamaica) Ltd (Mobile)

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Reported on Feb 25, 2014
Received call 4 times. Man said he wanted me to check on a neighbor named Irene.
Reported on Jan 3, 2014
this call is from not answer the call...u will get unusually high charges on your bill for international calls. it appears to be a regular unknown number but links to Jamaica and u have no idea its an international call until u get your bill and very hard to get the charges removed from your aware!
Reported on Oct 2, 2013
Missed the call, blocked the number. Thank you Mr number and all of the people that commented, made my life easier. I really didn't need a new truck,
Reported on Aug 29, 2013
Got 2 calls back to back. 1st call showed on ID to be from Kingston, Jamaica. I did get to the phone to answer it. 2nd call came in right behind it, showing on caller ID as Unknown Caller. I asked who is this? They replied "Larry Cooper from Publishers Clearing House" I said no thank you and hung up.
Reported on Jun 1, 2013
Man called to say I won publisher's Clearinghouse for $2.5 million. Didn't know my name & I didn't enter any sweepstakes. He kept asking questions about Walmart & if I shopped there recently & that I have to go to Walmart & pay $8.99 for a shipping fee. Number says its from Jamaica.
Reported on Jan 15, 2013
I received a call from this number about an hour ago stating that I had won 5 million from the Publisher's Clearing House. The guy had a strong accent or he either is a good "fake" but he wanted me to purchase some type of insurance from the Western Union which was going to cost $250. I told him I didn't have $250 and all I had was $20 then he claimed to have consulted with the lawyers and came back to ask could I come up with $150 -$200. I replied No I have $20 until next week and I still have to pay rent. *now I'm suspicious* Then he asks if I have a check book. I replied "yes" so he goes on to ask can I get it from my bank. I stated once again "no" because there isn't $100 in my account, I have $20 to last me until next week when I get paid. He claims he is going to consult with the lawyers to work something out and will call me back in 30 mins.hmmmm that was an hour ago.
Reported on Dec 20, 2012
this person was very polite but said I won 3.5 million dollars from publishers clearing house, I knew it was a scam
Reported on Oct 30, 2012
Got a call from a guy today. Talked very slooooooow. Told me he was from the Publishers Clearing House and that I had won 3 million dollars. i asked him questions to fish out if it was a scam, and when i did, he started raising his voice at me and said "YOU DON'T NEED TO BE DISRESPECTFUL!" finally, at the end, when i said i am going to hang up the phone he yelled "HOW OLD ARE YOU? MAYBE THAT IS WHY YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THIS. HOW OLD ARE YOU!?"
Reported on Oct 28, 2012
Yes they call saying you won money but you have to send money to them first and they will send you money and a prize. They won't leave my poor Grandma alone who is not aware of what is going on.
Reported on Oct 3, 2012
This is a scam. They call telling you that you won $3.5M dollars. They tell you to get a green Moneypak card from CVS or Wal-Mart for $168. They said they were flying in from LA with the money, landed in some unknown airport and arriving in 1.5 hours. They call back and harrass you for the 14 digit number on the Moneypak card. This happened to my 85 year old mother, they scammed her!
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