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Reported on Sep 16, 2014
Reported on Aug 19, 2014
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
Reported on Jul 10, 2014
said they were suddenlink
Reported on Nov 25, 2013
Reported on Nov 25, 2013
Reported on Oct 5, 2013
Reported on Aug 1, 2013
Called at 3:40 AM, and all I heard were loud beeps. Called back the next day, and it sounded like a fax line.
Reported on Jul 25, 2013
Called at 3 a.m. with 3 loud beeps and hung up.
Reported on Jun 19, 2013
"Grayson Mills & Associates and/or J&J preocessing" keep calling my cell and wok number threatening/harrassing me about a "debt" and if I do not return their call immediately the cops are 15 mins away and they will be able to stop them if I return their call and settle with them. They are full of it!!!! Number always left is 877-457-2698
Reported on Jun 18, 2013
Cash Net USA Collections.
Reported on Jun 13, 2013
Called at 3:53 AM June 13th. and hung up when I answered. Called the number back and got a fax answering tone.
Reported on Jun 13, 2013
I have received several messages to my cell and work number saying that I have papers being served against me. I called back and asked for an address, fax, office information and NONE exists. He asked that I stop harassing HIM. Name of firm is supposedly Grayson Mills & Associates or J&J Processing.
Reported on Jun 6, 2013
Person Called saying that I have "charges" filed against me. Looking for my address / work address to "serve" me. Anyone knows that a process server will not contact you before they serve you. This company is a bottom feeding low-life that re-ages debt and tries to get unsuspecting people to pay on something that they do not owe. Get a life people!
Reported on May 31, 2013
Lexus safety connect
Reported on May 30, 2013
cashnet - cash advance
Reported on May 11, 2013
Called my home at 3:20AM Didn't leave a message.
Reported on May 2, 2013
cash net USA, solicitation of payday loans
Reported on Apr 26, 2013
Harrasing number
Reported on Apr 21, 2013
Reported on Apr 16, 2013
Harrassing number
Reported on Dec 15, 2012
Blah blah blah Cashnetusa collections found another number to call me with... BLOCKED!!
Reported on Nov 20, 2012
Reported on Nov 5, 2012
Don't call my number.
Reported on Sep 19, 2012
Well..I dont know why they called me since the cable guy just left my house..I didn't know the phone number so i didn't pick it up but yeah its coming from Suddenlink I had this phone number calling my phone the other day ago also the cable guy was suppouse to come here in the afternoon time and this number called me 8am in the morning : / I'm thinking about calling the number back but I guess if they call me again I will just pick it up. The cable guy just left my house and this number called why I don't know since he already left the house.
Reported on Aug 8, 2012
it is?
Reported on Jul 27, 2012
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Reported on Jul 17, 2012
Got 4 calls on 7-16-12 and did not answer because I didn't recognize the #. I was expecting SuddenLink to come hook up my cable and when I called to ask when the lady told me they called and didn't get hold of me. I didn't connect to 2 until the next day when we had to get them to come out again to fix something and answered the phone without looking first and Suddenlink (same #) confirming the time they would show up. IT's Suddenlink not a telemarketer or spam. I had my husband google the # after the calls on the 16th and that's what he saw, that it was a telemarketer so I didn't answer any of the calls that day. So the short version is... if you are a Suddenlink costumer and expecting them for some kind of service, answer the 877-457-4088 number, they are just confirming a scheduled appointment. :)
Reported on Jul 9, 2012
Answered. Made a loud click an disconnected on its own. Don't know what is going on.
Reported on Jul 1, 2012
It is illagal in the state of Texas to make collection calls on Sunday