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Reported on Aug 18, 2014
Reported on Jul 9, 2014
Got a voicemail from them. They said something about a refill. I received a call like this several months ago. When I called Unitedhealth they knew nothing about this. UH did nothing about this so I expected this to continue.
Reported on Jun 20, 2014
Got the same call- united health care, claiming they have information about a refill, or that they are calling with a 'refill reminder' and they give a code to 'indentify the caller' when they call back. We called United Health Care directly, they didn't know what the number was, nor why someone from their company would be calling for a reminder about prescriptions- United Health Care should be aware of this scam by now and should be sending out letters to their policy holders warning htem about the fraud
Reported on Sep 23, 2013
They left 3 voice mails. They knew my name. They said they were from UnitedHealthCare and left a phone number along with a call back code so they would know it was from me. I called UnitedHealthCare's to find out if I was called. UnitedHealthCare had no record of a call.
Reported on Sep 21, 2013
I get the same call. There is Unavailable shown on caller ID. A recording asks for my date of birth. I hang up.
Reported on Jul 22, 2013
An automated recording began as soon as I answered the phone. Said it was from United Healthcare for NY residents. Requested my name and date of birth to prove who I am. I hung up. This is the third call.
Reported on Jul 18, 2013
Med bill collect
Reported on May 22, 2013
I got the same call. United Health Care fraud line did nothing. Said don't give out info.
Reported on Feb 20, 2013
My mother received a call from this number wanting her to verify some personal information. When I called back to see who and what business was calling the gentlemen on the line stated that this was costing him money and I had ten seconds. I was asking him who he was and what type of business this was so I could get some information on what this was about. Needless to say he hung up. My mom is 89 years old and early stages of dementia. #877-876-3341
Reported on Dec 21, 2012
A collection company...
Reported on Dec 21, 2012
A collection company...
Reported on Sep 18, 2012
I got a call from 876-4638, No area code showing on caller ID. As I am reading the other messages, possible it may be from (877). All it said was "Power Company." I did not answer, as i suspected it to be a scam call. No message left. Has anyone else gotten a call?
Reported on Jun 11, 2012
I get 4 -5 calls a week. Woman leaves msg stating she is from a law firm - she stated she has my social security number and information associated with that number - similiar to what the others are saying about this number
Reported on Mar 29, 2012
I don't know this number
Reported on Feb 9, 2012
I have gotten 3 calls, messages on my phone. they say they are from United healthcare NY and say to callback and give a code. when I did they start asking for birthdate, etc so I hung up. I contacted United and they are checking into it.
Reported on Feb 9, 2012
Collection call.
Reported on Feb 8, 2012
I got a call from a man name David Banks saying I won 2.5 million and some other stuff, I asked for a phone number he gave me 702-516-6813 then he said they would call me back when they papers sign in there meeting SO TODAY HE CALLED BACK AND I DID NOT PICK UP HE LEFT A NUMBER 876-877-6296 MY SON CALLED IT FOR ME AND HE DID NOT PICK UP.
Reported on Jan 27, 2012
Reported on Dec 8, 2011
Reported on Oct 20, 2011
It is a scam company, they get your information from public records and then bully you into believing that they will take legal actions against you on a claim that has ran out of it statue of limitations. Do Not give them any of your personal information.
Reported on Oct 3, 2011
Woman called and left a message that she was with a law firm Thomas Brown and Associates and there was a claim filed under my name and ss#. I have called back a couple times and always get a cheesy voice recording of a male saying the woman isn't in. Left messages, but no call back. I think this is a scam company.
Reported on Jun 14, 2011
Have no idea who this is
Reported on Jun 14, 2011
Have no idea who this is
Reported on Apr 18, 2011
Monday April 18 2011, 2:37 pm. Rings i answer, wait three seconds and it disconnects. No further info to advise
Reported on Mar 9, 2011
I have received so far two phone calls at about a month interval. They want me to call their office, (supposedly my doctor's office) and refer a code number that they give me.
Reported on Feb 25, 2011
Actually not spam anymore. Outer banks realty company calling back on a property I inquired about.
Reported on Nov 18, 2010
work from home
Reported on Nov 4, 2010
Reported on Oct 25, 2010
Unknown number
Reported on Oct 1, 2010
Information about working from home. Voice recording.