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Reported on Sep 9, 2014
don't answer
Reported on Aug 22, 2014
Calling around 6 to 7 times a day,, scaming call... plz block this #
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
Sorry for the spelling issues my ding dang out correct loves to separate words but any who it's a big fat scam so please either report them or ignore them don't fall for it it's easy to find a good college jus call the university yourself if you have any questions
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
I got one call from them I missed it and so I returned the call be living it was from one of the many jobs I applied for a woman with a thick Spanish accent answer end asked for my education level said it was for a college or something and I told here I was already enrolled at my local university and she quick said hung up afterwards and the number doesn't appear in any phone listing so I believe she tried to spoof me watch for the number (888)5289548 they say the are and education match they math with the perfect college it sounds like a load of bologna please don't fall for this scan just do the work you self because if they truly worked with many universities they would know I was already enrolled somewhere
Reported on Jun 17, 2014
Called my work and then hung up.
Reported on Apr 24, 2014
college. scram
Reported on Apr 24, 2014
dumb butch
Reported on Mar 27, 2014
Reported on Mar 12, 2014
Reported on Mar 10, 2014
Reported on Feb 20, 2014
It's my phone number that's showing up on caller ID; and I never made the call's. I'm getting calls from people telling me to stop calling them. One person gave me 888-528-7801 as the call back number. When I call it, I get a recording that say's I'm calling from a non-registered number; call again from the registered phone number.
Reported on Jan 24, 2014
I want to block this number
Reported on Dec 26, 2013
Reported on Nov 28, 2013
Reported on Oct 21, 2013
matt from car place
Reported on Oct 11, 2013
Spam call about furthering education.
Reported on Jul 30, 2013
quicken loans
Reported on Jun 3, 2013
unwanted number
Reported on May 10, 2013
Ive had non stop calls for the last couple of days and the calls come a few times a day I thought I was applying for a job not a college
Reported on May 3, 2013
Quicken loans.
Reported on Apr 29, 2013
Reported on Apr 24, 2013
Some college offer
Reported on Apr 24, 2013
Spam number claiming cruisedeal - stole from 87 yr old via check number disclosure
Reported on Apr 19, 2013
annoying non-stop calls.
Reported on Apr 2, 2013
keep calling
Reported on Feb 14, 2013
Reported on Jan 17, 2013
bill collector!
Reported on Dec 20, 2012
Quicken Loans
Reported on Nov 26, 2012
SCAM, Called my elerly mother and conned her out of her account info, I was able to freeze her account luckly, but now she has to close it. These people should be locked up. Praying on the elderly.
Reported on Nov 16, 2012
This is a scam vacation scheme, prayning on older Americans conning them out of their checking account routing numbers