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Reported on Mar 25, 2015
plz block this # from ever calling my #.
Reported on Mar 19, 2015
Reported on Mar 12, 2015
This # calls my house EVERY day, SEVERAL times a day! I'm on 'No Call' list as well, does absolutely no good!
Reported on Mar 11, 2015
Scam about a Trojan virus found on your computer.
Reported on Mar 2, 2015
Reported on Feb 8, 2015
Reported on Jan 27, 2015
Reported on Jan 27, 2015
Reported on Jan 24, 2015
Fraudulent charges on credit card
Reported on Jan 16, 2015
They call but I never answer. Usually if its a job lead they leave a message but this number never does. Bout to block it
Reported on Jan 6, 2015
Annoying people
Reported on Dec 22, 2014
Calls hangs up.
Reported on Dec 11, 2014
Reported on Nov 17, 2014
The number was 0118885283279....I suspect it's a telemarketer but have since blocked it from my phone. Thanks
Reported on Nov 15, 2014
This happened quite regularly and I've noticed my voicemail says it on self us suspected spam
Reported on Nov 14, 2014
Scam number for moneypak to have customers purchase prepay moneypak cards to scam people for they money & I was one of those people
Reported on Nov 10, 2014
God paid it all
Reported on Nov 7, 2014
I'd appreciate if they would stop calling. Thank you
Reported on Sep 29, 2014
stop calling me
Reported on Sep 24, 2014
Reported on Sep 19, 2014
dont answer
Reported on Sep 9, 2014
don't answer
Reported on Sep 3, 2014
This is the number given in a voicemail message for the number 412-226-6147 in Elizabeth, PA. The message instructs you to call this 888 number if you no longer wish to receive calls from the 412 number....have NO idea what they are calling about and don't plan on calling the number to find out either! They are annoying and call about every 2 hours.
Reported on Aug 22, 2014
Calling around 6 to 7 times a day,, scaming call... plz block this #
Reported on Jul 22, 2014
seaside payday loan bill collector
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
Sorry for the spelling issues my ding dang out correct loves to separate words but any who it's a big fat scam so please either report them or ignore them don't fall for it it's easy to find a good college jus call the university yourself if you have any questions
Reported on Jul 17, 2014
I got one call from them I missed it and so I returned the call be living it was from one of the many jobs I applied for a woman with a thick Spanish accent answer end asked for my education level said it was for a college or something and I told here I was already enrolled at my local university and she quick said hung up afterwards and the number doesn't appear in any phone listing so I believe she tried to spoof me watch for the number (888)5289548 they say the are and education match they math with the perfect college it sounds like a load of bologna please don't fall for this scan just do the work you self because if they truly worked with many universities they would know I was already enrolled somewhere
Reported on Jun 19, 2014
I informed do not call last month and these idiots still call. Do not call is a waste of time.
Reported on Jun 17, 2014
Called my work and then hung up.
Reported on Jun 11, 2014
Receiving several unsolicited calls from this number and several others. Keep requesting them to stop.