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Reported on Nov 18, 2015
Keep calling me ugg
Reported on Nov 12, 2015
Very annoying call everyday asking for someone I don't even know
Reported on Nov 9, 2015
This number comes up as unknown number 1 - I asked for this number and told it was Microsoft. I know it is not. I have repeatedly asked for them to take me off of the call list and they keep calling.
Reported on Oct 21, 2015
This number was provided as a call back from number 662-545-8872. Check that number and see how many were trying to be scammed by that number, beware of fraud.
Reported on Oct 20, 2015
So freaking annoying. And no way to get off the call list!
Reported on Oct 14, 2015
Haven't picked up, but have gotten 5 robo-dials in 20 minutes
Reported on Oct 13, 2015
9 minute hold time - spoke to a live person - it takes 48 hours for the calls to stop.
Reported on Oct 13, 2015
Calls at least once per day looking for the parents of a child I've never heard of. I can never get anyone on the phone to remove my contact information.
Reported on Oct 12, 2015
law office
Reported on Sep 14, 2015
This number is NOT SPAM. It's a lawfirm that handles collections before the collections issue is sent to court. It's just annoying because they work extra hard to collect a debt.
Reported on Sep 11, 2015
Bright house bill collector.
Reported on Sep 11, 2015
Doesn't say what or they are. To me seems like they are somewhat scam. But they are persistent callers.
Reported on Sep 11, 2015
This people are calling me for a pimento not I don't owe anybody shirt
Reported on Sep 10, 2015
spam do not answer hangup
Reported on Jul 29, 2015
They call everyday and send me mail threatening to sue me over a $90 Kaufmann Bill I make payments on and was late 1 time!! Now they want $375.00 they out there minds!! Thank God for CALL blocking!!
Reported on Jul 2, 2015
Ball lickers
Reported on Jun 16, 2015
Reported on Jun 16, 2015
Reported on Jun 10, 2015
Reported on Apr 15, 2015
Claimed to be Bright House, Lied
Reported on Apr 14, 2015
Stop calling :@
Reported on Apr 13, 2015
This number has called my cellphone several times, when you answer, nothing, when you call back you can not make out the name of the company and they want you to leave a message. Added this number to my Blocked Calls.
Reported on Apr 2, 2015
stop calling a 9 year old she don't owe or have stuff in her name she is 9 stop HARASSING
Reported on Mar 26, 2015
Irritating call
Reported on Mar 24, 2015
Calls then hangs up 20-30 seconds after I answer.
Reported on Mar 17, 2015
Reported on Feb 24, 2015
Calls leaves no message
Reported on Feb 17, 2015
tax resolution... stay away!
Reported on Feb 10, 2015
insight debt card
Reported on Feb 5, 2015
They've called several times, asked for Robert John and I told them they had the wrong number. They continue to keep calling and now hanging up when I answer.