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Reported on Jul 31, 2014
They were looking for a former employee and somehow had my number.
Reported on Jul 29, 2014
novant health bill collector
Reported on Jun 30, 2014
Mike Evans
Reported on Jun 5, 2014
Frontier Financial Group
Reported on Apr 25, 2014
Reported on Mar 27, 2014
Frontier Financial Grp
Reported on Mar 27, 2014
debt collector
Reported on Mar 27, 2014
debt collection
Reported on Mar 10, 2014
scam marketer
Reported on Feb 28, 2014
Reported on Jan 22, 2014
Frontier Financial disputed debt
Reported on Jan 16, 2014
Google says this is a scam operation fronting as a debt collector. I suggest blocking.
Reported on Jan 16, 2014
Frontier Fin Group
Reported on Jan 15, 2014
Hang up with no answer
Reported on Oct 30, 2013
very rude to people asking or say there name before the other person say hello or why u calling
Reported on Oct 10, 2013
Reported on Oct 3, 2013
told several times that the person they're looking for does not have this number and that I've had this number for four years now. then they ask me about offers! complete morons!!!
Reported on Aug 23, 2013
debt collector
Reported on Jul 19, 2013
pay day loans
Reported on Jun 28, 2013
Did they say they are caling from the county you are living at?
Reported on Jun 17, 2013
Frontier financial debt consolidation
Reported on Jun 12, 2013
unsolicited pain meds company
Reported on May 29, 2013
These people are "Crazy"... No idea how, or why they have my Number - However, their "Relentless" with calling!!! 100% SPAM!!!
Reported on May 29, 2013
Comcast offering security systems
Reported on May 29, 2013
what did you say
Reported on May 9, 2013
Reported on May 3, 2013
keep calling asking for a Michael for 2years. ..told repeatedly there is No one by this name..told to remove my number ..they said the would call i will call lawyer
Reported on May 3, 2013
its comcrap trying to sell you alarm systems
Reported on Apr 29, 2013
Not sure who this is? No message, no answer next time
Reported on Apr 29, 2013
Dont know it