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9/21/16: I just add these numbers to an existing contact named Scum with silent ringtone and no vibrate.

8/27/11: This spam has been reported 443 times previously. What is done after we report them to you? Please let us all know. I am sure others would like to know.

7/22/11: Unknown

7/11/11: You kill the messenger because this "pour sap" (poor sap) knows exactly what he/she is doing when they pick up the phone to start to converse with you. They know they are about to attempt to do a dishonest deed. If they didn't, why would they immediately disconnect the call at the first mention of something they do not want to hear?

7/9/11: Teller marketer

7/9/11: Unknown number and constant hang ups.

7/8/11: Credit card nd

7/8/11: They have called a number of times. As soon as I hear it is a recording about credit card rates, I hang up. We're on the "no call list", yet they still call. Makes one wonder if the "no call" list really works. There must be a way to get this outfit closed down.

7/7/11: This was our third call from husband did get a person and as soon as he said I am on the do not call list they hung up! Who are they???? And why when you get these calls if you call back it is a non working number? It worked for them to call us!

7/6/11: Got a call from them today and one on June 18. Got two calls yesterday from 770-687-8800 & 888-678-2458, they are all credit rate account service companies. I asked lots of really stupid questions. When I felt the caller was growing tired of the call I called the caller a really obnoxios name, I mean really obnoxious!. She threatened to report me to the "proper" authorities for using such bad language. I taunted her and dared her to do so and she hung up. Next time I'll start off with the obnoxious comment to see how they react. :-) Filed a report too with the "proper" authorities...