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Reported on Dec 19, 2013
free pugs
Reported on Apr 9, 2013
called and called me Multiple times!! never leaves a voicemail nd when answered,, they hang up or stay on in silence
Reported on Feb 19, 2013
stupod i could here breathing
Reported on May 4, 2012
They just call and call but never leave a message.
Reported on Mar 14, 2012
Call n hangup ????? Spam
Reported on May 26, 2011
Earn money online
Reported on May 24, 2011
I don't answer, but they call at least 4 times a day.
Reported on May 20, 2011
Be ware of Arizona frauds by phone...
Reported on May 3, 2011
IDK them.
Reported on May 2, 2011
Reported on May 2, 2011
IDK them.
Reported on Apr 30, 2011
Reported on Apr 29, 2011
Don't know them
Reported on Apr 29, 2011
I don't know who this is.
Reported on Apr 27, 2011
yes they call several times a day. when I answer there is either silence or I hear a lot of people talking in the background. I am calling the phone company to see if I can block the number. It is some sort of scam. The economy being the way it is this type of thing will get worse, be careful about giving out personal info.
Reported on Apr 19, 2011
This is a spam 100%
Reported on Apr 19, 2011
Reported on Apr 14, 2011
get thre to four a day within minutes of each other I never they never leave a message
Reported on Apr 8, 2011
There is never anyone there-they call like 3 times a day. Tried calling back but mailbox is always full. How do I get them to quit calling!!!
Reported on Apr 2, 2011
nobody there I think its aliens probing mankind
Reported on Apr 1, 2011
Reported on Mar 30, 2011
Reported on Mar 24, 2011
Same thing as what helaineo said.
Reported on Mar 23, 2011
I can't remember company name, but he said he was going to help me learn how to run an online business and saw that I was interested, but I never filled anything out saying I was. I tried to be nice and kept saying not interested but he kept on about how I could make a lot of money for hardly any work.
Reported on Mar 23, 2011
Reported on Mar 17, 2011
Phone scam trying to get money for a work at home program
Reported on Mar 17, 2011
They call numerous times a day. If I answer there is NEVER anyone there...just silence and click! Called number back-guess what? The voice mailbox was full so I can't even scream at them!
Reported on Mar 16, 2011
It's spam
Reported on Mar 15, 2011
Called but won't say anything
Reported on Mar 15, 2011