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Reported on Sep 12, 2014
Emmaculate reflect ( cleaning service)
Reported on Sep 8, 2014
They call our business multiple times (2-3) every day. I have told them repeatedly to stop calling. They are very hard to understand. I stopped answering the phone when I see their # on the caller ID.
Reported on Aug 28, 2014
We are a business and we receive calls from this number daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I answer and they hang up.
Reported on Aug 26, 2014
call every day trying sell phone service. told to be removed and still call every day very annoying.
Reported on Aug 7, 2014
harassing call for some BS services every day
Reported on Feb 28, 2014
Spanish speaking automation
Reported on Feb 27, 2014
Reported on Jan 1, 2014
Holy hospitAl Spanish speaking don't answer.
Reported on Dec 31, 2013
prices and bullcrap Spanish
Reported on Dec 30, 2013
Spanish recording. You won a trip...
Reported on Dec 5, 2013
Reported on Nov 24, 2013
called me at 4:28 P.M. on September 18, 2013 and left no messages.
Reported on Nov 18, 2013
10 to 15 calls a week. spanish telemarketer
Reported on Nov 8, 2013
Female speaking Spanish. Recorded telemarketing.
Reported on Nov 1, 2013
Florida call
Reported on Nov 1, 2013
very disturbing
Reported on Nov 1, 2013
western collision, in fl... no where near me.
Reported on Oct 31, 2013
Reported on Oct 28, 2013
Spanish jibberish.
Reported on Oct 27, 2013
Reported on Oct 25, 2013
they call over and over and over again even though I tell them I don't speak Spanish
Reported on Oct 24, 2013
Spanish Telemarketing
Reported on Oct 23, 2013
dont know who is this
Reported on Oct 22, 2013
Reported on Oct 21, 2013
Spanish speaking telemarketer
Reported on Oct 21, 2013
A wetback voicemail talking
Reported on Oct 18, 2013
spam number
Reported on Oct 17, 2013
Spanish speaking telemarketing Co.
Reported on Oct 17, 2013
Reported on Oct 17, 2013
Spanish language recorded message