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Reported less than a minute ago
the person your calling could not be reached
Reported 1 minute ago
Job scam.
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Reported 3 minutes ago
Same as all the above......Donna has dementia. Craigslist scammer!
Reported 4 minutes ago
Caller speaks in a digital voice, suggests one's home is to be foreclosed upon. The Matrix seems alive and wearing Uncle Sam's hat in this number.
Reported 5 minutes ago
Não perturbe!!
Reported 6 minutes ago
Do not know this person just got random text from the number and it looks it's someone who wants to cause problems
Reported 6 minutes ago
Scam caller saying IRS is filing law suite against us
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Reported 8 minutes ago
john browne homephone bs
Reported 8 minutes ago
John Browne landline bs
Reported 8 minutes ago
Dont call me thank u.
Reported 10 minutes ago
Person calls and hangs up..I call back and they don't answer. Quit calling me.
Reported 12 minutes ago
dead to me
Reported 13 minutes ago
Called after 10:30 pm. Hung up; no message.
Reported 13 minutes ago
no text or call should be allowed from this number
Reported 15 minutes ago
This caller sexual absuded my girlfriend. I want justice or to know the name of this girl/guy.
Reported 17 minutes ago
this is a scam from a low life scum bag convict trying to get money from you. you will also get a follow up call from a company asking you to set up an account for calling this person. BLOCK CALLER on your cell phone. Find out how and do it. Block both callers. 1 800 483 8314 is the scammer company used by the convicted felon to contact you to set up an account with your credit card so these thieves can steal money from you.
Reported 20 minutes ago
Try's to access phone and contents with Web site.
Reported 26 minutes ago
Reported 26 minutes ago
A girl
Reported 27 minutes ago
No txt messages
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Reported 29 minutes ago
Calls my cell phone repeatedly; never leaves a message.
Reported 29 minutes ago
stop calling
Reported 30 minutes ago
I hate u and dont want to hear about u or your whire u r bkocked
Reported 30 minutes ago
Called several times and won't say who it is. I'm very freaked out because I watch horror movies and I know Amityville is a town with a history.
Reported 31 minutes ago
He tried to solicit me as a PROSTITUTE
Reported 31 minutes ago
unblock me and we will talk or at least text.
Reported 35 minutes ago
Text me about an item for sale on Craigslist. He wanted to send the certified check. Yea right! Nice try!