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Reported less than a minute ago
Very annoyed. Caller repeatedly hangs up on the answering machine. Scammer. Patricia S. shows up on the ID.
Reported less than a minute ago
If you value your life and your safety I'd advise you not see this guy because he's not what you think he is
Reported 1 minute ago
Called and wanted information. SPAMMER
Reported 1 minute ago
Reported 1 minute ago
He a rapist and he likes to beat pople
Reported 3 minutes ago
145..00 $$$$$ stolen. fraud......i want it back . or i will never stop looking for you . money pak. green dot #493 299 9903 1823........G. D. Miller
Reported 5 minutes ago
don't ca
Reported 7 minutes ago
Caller ID reads "Patricia S." I have no idea who this is, They call repeatedly and hang up on the answering machine. Others on similar websites say this is a scam call.
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Reported 10 minutes ago
An older-sounding woman comes onto the line and says " I have an important question to ask you. How do you view the future of the world? Some feel that the world will get better, some few that it will stay the same, and some feel that it can only get worse." A wee bit frightening to be honest.
Reported 10 minutes ago
2675432211 suspicious number possible hacker
Reported 10 minutes ago
if heavy spam "suspected" why the f--k can't it be stopped?
Reported 11 minutes ago
Harassment from Maine rep. party.!! called 3 times in less then 10 mins after 7pm!!
Reported 12 minutes ago
someone please explain what the purpose of these low life is?
Reported 13 minutes ago
Reported 13 minutes ago
Its melbo
Reported 14 minutes ago
Called 3 times today, left no messages, has called over 18 times this week. Most likely a political call.
Reported 15 minutes ago
avoid this rude jerk name Michelle politzer. he called transsexual girl up when she told him that she was not in the area. then he began talking rude behind her back while he didn't know that she was still on the phone.
Reported 16 minutes ago
St . Josephs appt reminder
Reported 18 minutes ago
Noise in the background and no one talks
Reported 19 minutes ago
Another scam! They try to get one to give info & claims that there's someone looking to reach you, this # is listed as if it's your # online. This # came to my email address. BEWARE folks!
Reported 20 minutes ago
will call you back
Reported 21 minutes ago
Calls at least 4 times a day, told them to put me on the do not call list, but it doesn't matter, they continue to call constantly so I blocked them on my phone.....oh, and it's my cell they call!
Reported 22 minutes ago
Call at 3:25am
Reported 23 minutes ago
Called multiple times and hung up
Reported 24 minutes ago
This jerk text number they don't just to try and find out ur name. If are ever bored please text this number a million times
Reported 25 minutes ago
I'll call u back wen i can
Reported 27 minutes ago
Calls back to back
Reported 28 minutes ago
Will not stop calling!!! All times of the night!!!